Our final live performance… March 25, 2017 at the UAF Pub: The first show we have played with all five members in over four years. We played songs that we haven’t played live in several years, and we played some songs for the first time ever.

Thank you Donald Crocker for having us at the Pub again, and thank you James Bartlett for lending us your magical sound powers. Thank you to everyone who came out for the evening, and to those who wish they could have been there.

1 Antecedence
2 Exiccosis
3 Bath
4 Successive Psychosis
5 Cosmic Rotation
6 Lycanthropic Nausea
7 Ataxiatic
8 Dissolution
9 Cultivate
10 In Sight, In Mind
11 Double Happiness
12 Total Innocence
13 Keep it as Straight as Possible
14 Rape & Pillage
15 Signal On
16 Medieval Knight & Maid in Penthouse
17 Surgery Dreams/Patient Patients (featuring Raif Kennedy)
18 Skyliner
19 We’re All the Namer
20 The Giving Lion
21 No Predictions
22 Just go put on some socks…
23 Locked Position
24 Airports are Mad Fun
25 Ruination (featuring Raif Kennedy)
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